In a local school 34 students are enrolled in a math class, 85 are enrolled in an english class, 58 are enrolled in an art class, and 54 are enrolled in a history class. Construct a pie chart with this data. What is the central angle of the slice representing students enrolled in a math class, to the nearest whole degree?

Accepted Solution

obviously im not going to draw the pie chart for you but here is the math. if you add 34+84+58+54 you get 230. 34 are enrolled in math you can make a proportion of 34/230. the question asks for the central angle would be in a pie chart. a pie chart is a circle which is divided into 360 degrees. so you have the proportion of 34/230 and you can set it equal to X/360. to find X you can divide 34/230 (which is 0.147) and then you multiply by 360. (which is 53.217) so that is the central angle. but you need to understand the value in proportions.